Dealers value the relationship they build with us because they come to know us, love us,
and trust us. This only happens when you are service-obsessed like we are.

Lenders are all the same, right? WRONG!! We do things the big banks can’t and smaller competitors won’t. We provide the human element to financing like no other. This means that we are always accessible to our dealers, day or night, to help them sell more cars. Then when the deal is done we service the Dealer’s customers to a level they would be proud of.

EdenPark helps car dealers sell more cars.


Boutique Feel

Service Obsessed




Credit Rebuilding

Help When
It’s Needed

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EdenPark truly cares about our customers, the car buyer. With their rate reduction program they provide positive reinforcement that helps a car buyer rebuild their credit and get to a better place financially. This respectful and caring approach to doing business also reflects positively on us. That means repeat customers and more cars sold!!

Nicole Atanasoaie
Humberview Chev/Auto Loans Solutions

These guys are FAST! The big banks cannot compete with the service that EdenPark provides. Not only do I get personalized service and direct access to credit analysts and funders, but they do their jobs at lightning speed. EdenPark stands behind their commitments because they value our business and our relationship. Without a doubt, they are a professional team and organization!

Deneen Lamb
Mark Wilson Motors

Two rings is all it takes to get to the team at EdenPark. When they say “service-obsessed” they mean it!

Raza Rizvi
Leon’s Fine Cars


Contact us and we will show you how—that’s a promise