Service-Obsessed and Speed — these words describe us to perfection!
We help car dealers sell more cars by doing three things supremely well.

One, we get financing in place for a dealer’s customers at lightning speed.
Two, we provide to dealers the boutique feel and personalized service they expect.
Three, when the deal’s done, we service our Dealer’s customers to a level they would be proud of.

Eden Park Inc. Since 2008.

Mark Eleoff


A former Partner of global management consultancy Accenture, Mark has dedicated his career to helping large organizations change to be more successful. Over the past few years he has guided the transformation of EdenPark into a market leader. Mark holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

    Peter Park


    Peter has over 30 years of experience in Financial Management. Prior to joining Eden Park Inc. in 2013, Peter held the position of Chief Financial Officer for many large companies in Canada. Peter has very deep financial management acumen and hands-on operational experience. He is a Certified Management Accountant, and holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

      Dave Trepanier


      With more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian automotive market, Dave brings an in-depth understanding of all facets of a dealership – from new and used car sales to dealership management and ownership. Dave is a pioneer in the non-traditional financing space, bringing 21 years of hands-on experience underwriting and adjudicating thousands of non-prime loans.
        [section_header use_decoration=”1″ layout_type=”section-heading-border-top-bottom” separator_position=”center” main_heading=”Company Timeline” text_align=”center” font_size=”default” font_style=”default” color=”#ffffff” separator_color=”#ffffff” css=”.vc_custom_1416319312654{margin-bottom: 40px !important;}”][dt_timeline title=”Timeline” spy=”uk-animation-slide-top” scroll_delay=”200″][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”left” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-flattr-1″ title=”2008″]Eden Park begins operations in Ontario.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”right” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-hail-inv” title=”2013″]Celebrates its 6th year anniversary marked by dramatic growth.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”left” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-hash” title=”2013″]Relocates and expands offices.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”right” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-money-1″ title=”2014″]Introduces industry-leading car-buyer Performance Incentive Program.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”left” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-na” title=”2015″]Ranked #47 for Canadian Business Growth 500.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”right” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-eventful” title=”2016″]Servicing hundreds of car dealers across 7 Canadian provinces.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”left” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-celcius” title=”2016″]Ranked #17 for Canadian Business Growth 500.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”right” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-gplus-3″ title=”2017″]Ranked #7 for Canadian Business Growth 500.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”left” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-smashmag” title=”2018″]Ranked #2 for Canadian Business Growth 500. For 4 consecutive years, EdenPark has been identified by Canadian Business Magazine as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][dt_timeline_item position=”right” icon_box=”circle” icon_type=”icon-temperature” title=”2019″]Recognized by The Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s top growing companies. EdenPark officially becomes Canada’s largest, privately-held, vehicle financing company.[/dt_timeline_item][dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline_sep][/dt_timeline]